• DGIST and KIMM Develops Tactile sensing technique.

    DGIST’s research team develops Tactile sensing technique combined with magnetic synapsis. The research team emulates tactile sense pass through central nerve. The technology enable to work in extreme environment.

  • DGIST Develops 20 Times Faster Biosensor

    DGIST’s research team develops technology which is 20 times faster than the existing biosensors using micromagnetic pattern of spider web -The technology can be used for early diagnosis and recurrence diagnosis of diseases such as cancer.

  • Launching the DGIST BiC Spin

    DGIST will engage in the development of new forms of bio-convergence technology such as biomedical diagnosis and treatment technology and high-efficiency biomimetic devices based on spin materials and devices


  • Dgist Develops Cell-tronics.

    DGIST's research team develops Celltronics technology with Duke university's research team. Celltronics is control technique of cell just like transistor controling the electron. With development of this technology we can expect to control individual cell.