Nano-Spin Devices

  • ■ PHMR Sensor

    The magnetoresistance effect is a phenomenon in which the resistance of a device is changed by an external magnetic field. Our research team is focusing on sensor fabrication and various application using Planar Hall Magnetoresistance effect (PHMR) – sensor structures, sensing materials, pattern design. Through our research, we will develop emerging materials and design of high sensitivity and high detectivity magnetic sensor.

    Commonly, the performance of a sensor is decided by sensitivity and detectivity. Sensitivity is strength of the sensor output voltage with respect to a magnetic field, and detectivity is the degree to which magnetic field can be distinguished from noise. To improve the sensitivity, studies about sensor structure such as bilayer, spin-valve and trilayer were conducted using a ferromagnetic layer (NiFe) and antiferromagnetic layer (IrMn). Also, research on noise reduction technology is in progress to improve the detectivity. These PHMR sensors are deposited on flexible substrates for wearable devices, or applied as high resolution biosensor.