Nano-Bio materials

  • ■ Introduction

    Our research focuses on the synthesis and applications of magnetic nanoparticles and nanowires using various approaches of sonochemical, thermal decomposition, hydrothermal and electrochemical methods. We are interested in mainly two types of applications are the biomedical applications and catalytic applications of these smart materials including biosensors, and both environmental and industrial catalyst applications.

  • ■ Description

    The synthesized nanoparticles include magnetic nanoparticles (Fe3O4, γ-Fe2O3, CoFe2O4, Mn Zn Fe2O4, NiZn Fe2O4, FeCo, NiFe) with controlling in both shape as well as size, and functionalized core/shell nanoparticles (Fe3O4/SiO2, Fe3O4/TiO2, Fe3O4/C, Fe3O4/SiO2/Ag, Fe3O4/Au, SiO2/Ag). We developed a novel, facile and economical sonochemical approach for the synthesis and functionalization of oxide nanoparticles.